In-Depth Consultation

Web development projects we do start with an initial contact where we learn about your business and its processes. Once we have a good understanding of your target audience and surrounding factors, we develop the best strategies to help your business online

Search Engine Optimization

We build all our websites with basic SEO methods to help your site exposure on an entry level. You can add the option for additional SEO at anytime to boost your sites visability in the search engines.

Mobile Design

Are you asking if your site should work on mobile?. Sure Does! Think about it you probably use your phone for everything. So does the rest of your community. Don’t worry we have you covered with mobile first design practices.

Basic AODA

What’s that you ask?. Well its the accessability for Ontarians with disabilites act. and as of 2012 your website is required to meet at least level A standards as a small business. this is built into our sites for you no need to worry!


We build all our websites with growth in mind. whats your business with out growth. well it wont be a business for long. thats why all our sites are extendable and we can add new features like blogs, ecommerce stores or anything custom you would like.

Content Management

All our sites give you the ability to edit it yourself. We offer an easy to learn drag and drop site editor.  making editing your site easy. Don’t have time to edit yourself?. You can add a website maintenance option.

Custom Web Design, Graphics and Interface

Every web development project that we partake in. We first mockup the websites with a unique look and feel that fits your preferences and wow your target audience. we start with one iteration of a design once approved by you we proceed to build it to spec to be a full functioning website and showcase your business as an industry expert.

web design and development
Web development and cross browser compatibility

Cross Browser and Platform Compatibility

Having your website display correctly and to all your users is of the utmost importance. That way your visitors all have an exceptional experience. 

All of our websites are cross-platform and cross-browser compatible on all modern browsers. Allowing everyone to view and interact with your site properly. we use a variety of techniques incorporating HTML 5, CSS, AJAX / JSON, Javascript and PHP/MySQL.

Social Media Integration

Have social media business profiles? You can leverage them with your website to make your users experience and interaction much better and familiar. This can help build your audience and follow-ship into a well established movement.

social media integration

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